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The links below are files that you can download to see more information on how the M.A.V. flies. Frame and outer structures are constructed out of a combination of carbon fiber, aluminum, and graphene 3D materials. With 123 system batteries, Turnigy Rotomax 150cc electric brushless motor, Super hungry power distribution board, Fatboy 300A electronic stability control, and custom made propellers. The system can be fully governable. Interchangeable. Software can be programed with isolated/bypass circuitry to ensure double fail safe overs. 

MAV Design

this .pdf file is an over all view of the multi-rotor aircraft MAV displaying design from solidsworks

MAV Prototype Plan

Comprehensive report that breaks down each component and its information. 

Mavdrone design concept
mavdrone Fuselage
Screen Shot 2021-02-07 at 4.25.39 PM.png
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