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The MAV Drone is a personal all electric VTOL aircraft. Having nearly 200 prismatic A123 systems batteries gives it long lasting punchy power. These batteries were meant to last. The huge 150cc equivalent Turnigy electric brushless motors and advanced tri-blade propeller design gives great responsive thrust. At near 10,000 rpms these carbon composite aluminum enfourced blades can be controlled by the ESCs to the neart rpm giving it spectacular accuracy for flight performance. 


600cc Equivalent Electric VTOL Aircraft

Stratus™ 2S ADS-B Receiver for iPad

A123 Systems Battery Technology

DJI M3 Flight Controller

3+ hour battery life

60+ mph

180+ miles range

1000+ life cycles

Fast Charging 3 hours

Fully Customizable Paint Finish

​Not Required (recommended):

Drone license

Drone Registration 

Aircraft Insurance


In order to get successfully make the first round of MAVDrone Aircrafts we need a minimum of 1000 pre-orders or 50 orders of the MAVdrones to meet minimum manufacturing requirements.

M.A.V. Drone

  • MAV Drone is 12 feet by 12 feet from each propellors end. It can reach speeds above 60 miles an hour and fly for 3 hours or more giving you a 180 mile range. Fly avoiding collision and up to 500 feet giving you the safest and fastest way to your destination. 

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